Web site updates

(Photo credit: Hennie Schaper)

6 Jul 2018
Announcement of first themed solo exhibition of Lu Schaper in Kampen, July-September 2018: Summertime Blues (poster here).
24 May 2018
Major overhaul of the part of the site dedicated to Lu Schaper's art. Works now grouped per subject rather than time and type. This will also allow more frequent updates.
12 Mar 2018
End of March Galerie LuS will host an exhibition of the photography of Deke Erh from Shanghai. A short article about this photographer is now available (here).
15 Mar 2017
Major overhaul of the part of the site dedicated to Hennie Schaper's photography. Change in lay-out of the portfolio pages and inclusion of more recent photographs. A similar overhaul of Lu Schaper's art pages is in progress.
6 Feb 2017
Start of solo exhibition of Lu Schaper in De Eenhoorn (here).
21 Aug 2016
Video of solo exhibition of Felix Guerain in Galerie LuS (here).
14 Oct 2015
The regional press reports on the sad story of four paintings of Lu Schaper that have gone missing after an exhibition in Tours in 2009 (full story here).
10 Sep 2015
Video of the official opening of Cora Heerkens' exhibition Colourful Water in Gallery LuS (here).
15 Aug 2015
Parallel web site www.shanghailus.com goes live.
13 Aug 2015
Announcement of first solo exhibition organized by Gallery LuS (Cora Heerkens, September 2015). More information.
20 May 2015
Added two more paintings to the Dutch Period 2 portfolio (Park life and Take it or leave it).
19 May 2015
Added two paintings to the French period 1 portfolio (Peony Pavillion and Cafe Severin). Added six paintings to the Dutch Period 2 portfolio (Hanseatic, Dynamic, Sunday afternoon, Turmoil, Still life, and Verde). Added a page with photographs of our gallery and studio (here).
31 Mar 2015
Added a page about the opening of Studio LuS.
3 Aug 2014
Added three recent paintings by Lu Schaper (I've got the music in meSail away and Selfie).
7 Mar 2014
Added a page about Lu's Wearable art, in preparation of a separate section of the site on this topic. Link.
13 Oct 2013
Added three recent paintings by Lu Schaper (View of a great city, Red, and J'attendrai). Added two photographs by Hennie Schaper (Let there be light and Paris sunset).
30 Nov 2012
Added two older paintings by Lu Schaper (Refined, and In the mood for love).
26 Nov 2012
Added a recent painting by Lu Schaper (Shanghai beauty).
9 Sep 2012
Added Hennie Schaper's Photography and Links to the site.
5 Sep 2012
Added Photography and Digital art to Lu Schaper's Portfolio.
5 Sep 2012
Added Shanghai period (2010-2011) to Lu Schaper's Portfolio.
4 Sep 2012
The new website www.galerielus.com goes live.