Internet sites using photographs by Hennie Schaper as illustration

This is an overview of web sites using my photographs. It does not include appearances in photography blogs, Instagram pages, Flickr groups and so on. The counter is at 28 for the time being. As so often on the internet, links tend to disappear with time, but the screenshots are here.

The site Traces of War (documenting relics from WW2) used one of my Kampen stumbling stones (Stolpersteine) shot on their site. Link here.

I rarely take "touristic" photographs, so their appearance on touristic sites is rare as well. Here is an exception: my shot of the Bragance castle in Portugal. Link here.

When I created this "motivational poster" from one of my most popular shots, I did expect it to be used on other sites. And it was. Several have gone the way of the dodo without me making screenshot, but this one on the New Media Rights site ist still there. Link here.

A chance encountered with a vintage Citroen in the snow in the Netherlands - and a few years later you find that shot back on a web site dedicated to living in the Alps. Link here.

The Holman Library site used my shot "world wide web" the way I intended it, given the circular crop. Link here.

In2009 the Houston-based real estate site Swamplot used a picture I took to illustrate a story about the expected closure of the Borders bookstores. I shot this one at the Westheimer Borders parking lot, waiting for the rain to stop before going to the shop. Sadly, indeed this Borders is no more. Link here.

Perhaps not unexpected that someone writing about Karl marx and China would come across this photograph by me: it depicts the sculptures of Marx and Engels in the Shanghai French Park. Link here.

Yet another site using a photograph by me, in this case of umbrellas shot in Antwerp. The link with the subject of decorating apartments is a bit far-fetched I would think. Link here.

Another unexpected type of web site to find a picture by me being used as illustration: this one about how to hold a skill swap auction. Link used to be here.

My wooden shoes shot was surprisingly used to illustrate a piece on Amsterdam shoe shops for larger feet at the Amsterdam Mamas site. Link used to be here.

Another example of my photography being used elsewhere on the internet - in this case in a piece about the famous bridge at Millau. Link here.

This post on protection of old photographs at the Photograph works site used my shot "Old photographs" as a very appropriate illustration. Link used to be here.

Here we have a Japanese photography site (Naver) highlighting four basic rules of photography composition (rule of thirds, rule of odds, rule of space, rule of diagonal), using one of my shots to illustrate the rule of odds concept. Incidentally, I used the same shot for the same subject in my main art blog. First seen here.

Three for the price of one... My shot Preparing for the Elfstedentocht (top left in the mosaic) proved to be very popular that winter, as it was used to illustrate three different web based articles on Dutch skating tours, including the Elfstedentocht itself (which was unfortunately cancelled). Links used to be here, here and here.

I still feel flattered when my photographs are used by other sites, especially when big names like Forbes do this. Their article about the ban on social media for volunteers at the 2012 Olympic games came with my shot London 2012 as illustration. Link here.

Another unexpected place for one of my photographs to turn up: in a German article on the creation of more places for medicine students in Nord-Rhein-Westfalen. Link used to be here.

The Samsung web site includes a slide show of shots made with their cameras - and I was pleasantly surprised to be featured there with one of mine. Link used to be here.

An interesting choice for one of my photographs as illustration for a blog entry in French, dealing with the top 10 reasons why girls do not want to settle down. Link here.

The web site June Lily Studio took a part of my shot Fabric to illustrate the use of colours in design. Link used to be here.

A fun use of my shot Spring in Shanghai in an article about Chinese girlfriends. More particularly Shanghai girl friends. Rings a bell somehow. Link used to be here.

Another somewhat unexpected use of one of my shots. The site Eat your career chose this one as illustration of their article on what to do when you are stressed at work and quitting really isn’t an option. Link used to be here.

Now here is a fitting and noble use of one of my shots. I actually re-made this version of an older shot, applying the pink colour in photoshop, for a breast cancer awareness group on Flickr. The vague resemblance of the shape to the female breast is a coincidence, but a nice one. A website dedicated to the same subject used this image to great effect. Link used to be here.

Another unexpected place for one of my shots to surface: in the photograph encyclopedia Fotopedia, under the heading communism  I shot this one in Presov, Slovakia: a mural dating back to the communist days. Link used to be here.

I bet that this Chinese guy who was exercising with his ribbons in Shanghai's Fuxing Park did not expect to end up on an American health care web site - via my camera. Link used to be here.

When I took this autumn shot of the neighbours' fence, I did not anticipate seeing it used one day on a site with suggestions how to make your house ready for the winter. Link here.

I never would have expected this photograph (still one of my most popular) to end up heading a blog post about muslims working on Friday..... Link here.