About Galerie LuS

Lu and Hennie Schaper opened Galerie LuS in 2012 in the main shopping street (Oudestraat) of the beautiful Hanseatic medieval city of Kampen. In 2015 the gallery was moved to a new, much larger location, even closer to the centre (Oudestraat 143). The new gallery includes an exhibition space, as well as a studio in which Lu can create her works.

The main purpose of Galerie LuS is to show a frequently changing selection of the art of Lu Schaper. In addition, themed exhibitions are scheduled, and on some occasions, other artists have been provided with the chance to exhibit in the gallery. The location is also used a few times per year for art-related workshops. The gallery does not have fixed opening hours, but the owners aim to open Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon, and on appointment.

The name of the gallery (LuS) is derived from the name of Lu S(chaper), but it also refers to her pen name (Haishang Lus), under which she has become famous in Shanghai for her columns in local newspapers and magazines. Lus in mandarin means stork or heron.

The gallery's sign (shown above) was designed by Lu Schaper, based on two of her paintings. The Chinese text refers to her Father's art gallery in Shanghai in the eighties.

Lu Schaper in front of the first gallery (photography Hennie Schaper)

The new gallery location, close to the old city hall  (photography Lu Schaper)

The sign at the new location, opposite the Gothic House (photography Lu Schaper)

Lu Schaper inside the new gallery (photography Hennie Schaper)

Street view of Kampen outside the gallery (photography Hennie Schaper)

Evening impression (photography Lu Schaper)

Although the primary aim of Galerie LuS is to show the art of Lu Schaper, we have on occasion hosted special exhibitions of other artists:

2016 "Solo tentoontelling" - Felix Guerain
2016 "Duet" - Margreet de Boer & Heidi Urban Pasterkamp
2017 "In de etalage" - Karel Spoor