Location: Baarn (NL)
Date: September 2011
Camera: Canon Powershot Pro1
Processing: Picasa 3.0
Flickr Explore: no
Flickr link: click

Short description:
A water reflection shot unlike any other in my stream: the reflection of a branch hovering above the water took on a clear dragon shape. It may not have made Explore, but it got another honour: inclusion in the excellent blog on composition The image composer: "it is the simplicity of this image that is its strength. A shape – barely a silhouetted outline – distorted by the ripples of a watered reflection, gives us the dream of power: of the dragon rampant. The simple use of form to convey this feeling should be enough, and it is. But this image takes that a step further, adding a powerful leading line/diagonal to the mix (out of the bottom left corner). Additionally, the overall crop makes excellent use of golden ratios. Pure, stark power."