March 2015
Opening of Studio LuS, an extension of Gallery LuS. Publication in regional newspaper.
October 2014
Lectures on composition in photography for three classes of high school students in Kampen.
October 2013
First publication of a photograph of mine in a magazine (Poort20).
November 2012
First sale of a print of one of my photographs.
September 2012
The new web site gets extended with an overview of my photographic work.
June 2012
Opening of Gallery LuS in Kampen (NL), several publications in local and regional newspapers. Permanent exhibition of a small selection of my photographs.
March 2012
A Singapore company purchases the non-exclusive right to use the image Shanghai Patterns in a brochure - first sale.
November 2011
The web site Advanced Photography posts a special on Abstract Photographs. Of the thirty-five images used to illustrate the theme, five are by me.
September 2011
The shot Paris Patterns becomes my fiftieth photograph to reach Flickr Explore, the 500 best photographs of the day.
July 2010
The photograph Almere tower abstraction is one of twenty selected entries for the exhibition Playful Almere, shown in the City Hall for a month. Second public showing of my photography
July 2009
The New York Skyscraper Museum uses Aurora in their exhibition on Shanghai.
February 2009
The shot Windmill in ice reaches #22 in Flickr Explore, so far the highest position for one of my shots in that compilation of 500 best photographs of the day.
June 2008
The photograph All in the family is one of twenty selected entries for the exhibition Relaxed in Almere shown in the City Hall for a month. Fist public showing of my photography.
October 2007
The first time that a shot by me gets selected for Flickr Explore, the 500 best photographs of the day: Smooth Jazz, a portrait of the family dog.
August 2007
The photograph Commuting in the fog, a shapshot  at the station in the morning, is the first one to draw considerable attention on Flickr. To date it is still the most-faved shot in my stream.
April 2007
Opening of Flickr account - first sharing of my pictures on-line.

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